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Tilorien Monastery—Opportunity to donate for kitchen & bathroom

Dear friends,

Our monastery building is making great progress and we are already looking at equipment and furniture for our kitchen and bathroom. We don’t currently have the funds to finish these rooms and any contribution – big or small – would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a list of what we will need (prices are approximate):


Bathroom furniture: 300 €
Shower cabin: 650 €


Kitchen cabinets and worktop: 3000 €
Stove: 200 €
Fridge-freezer: 350 €
Oven: 400 €

Kitchen manager checking out the ovens

Microwave: 350 €
Sink: 250 €
Fan: 300 €

Meditation hall

We don’t want this one … but the Star Wars theme was tempting!

Lights: 150 € Donated

You can find our banking details here:

ACCOUNT: Samita ASBL, Honvelez 16, 6671 Bovigny, Belgium
IBAN: BE16 5230 4699 6474

Or use PayPal:

If you would like to donate towards a specific item, please mention this in the subject line.

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